Our Beers


Kss Kss Kss

This golden coloured beer is light in taste with low bitterness. Brewed in a traditional manner, this beer reflects a pils style whilst being produced using yeast at a  higher temperature than lager yeast. Very refreshing when served cold.


Le Templier

Our truly Provençal beer, made with local petit epeautre and wild thyme plus a touch of lemon peel: a real beer born of the provençal garrigues. Must be served cold for ultimate refreshment.


Pompette a Bicyclette

This golden coloured beer is a finished in a dry style to give a lighter body; a heavy dose of fruity hops adds character and balance. Refreshing when served cold or serve at ambiant temperature to get the full hop flavour.


Le Geant

Our american pale ale is an easy to drink amber beer. fruity new world hops beautifully balance the light malty background. A true bridge between lighter blonde style beers and heavily hopped IPA's. can be enjoyed cold or at ambiant temperature. Enjoy.



Diable En Rose

The brewer's favourite. Our India Pale Ale benefits from the addition of pink peppercorns. Nothing to be scared of, the peppercorns add a slight bitterness and subtle fruitiness. Best enjoyed at ambiant temperature, but also refreshing when served cold.


La Rousse

The newest addition to our range. This, Irish style, red ale, balances roasted barley with a mix of exotic hops. A touch of complexity, but still easy to drink. If it's winter, serve at ambiant temperature with a hearty Irish stew; if summer just enjoy straight from the fridge.


Perle Noire

Our take on the traditional Irish Stout is not as heavy as some of the industrial stouts. With coffee/mocka tones, and a creamy head this beer s surprisingly easy to drink at any time of day. Can be enjoyed cold or at ambiant temperature.


Croix Du Sud

A robust Double Ipa with a nice balance between the , not too subtle, Australian hops and a decent malt addition. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.


Tous Pour Un

One of our premium range; A true belgian witbier, made in the south of France. A complex beer with an addition of bitter orange peel and coriander seed, typical for this style of beer. This is rapidly becoming one of our most popular products.


La Barbue

La Barbue is a beer produced with the specialist local grain called Petite Epeautre (a smaller version of spelt) which is known as a bearded grain, hence the name "Barbue". This beer is light and refreshing and contains hops grown on our farm. A truly local beer.


La Bourdonnante

Bzz, Bzz, Bzz, "La Bourdonnante" translates as the 'buzzing one'. This beer made in collaboration with the local nougat makers, Silvain, has a subtle honey flavour, but is not sweet due to the total fermentation of the top quality honey used in production. Refreshing and dry.



Mimmerki is the Finnish goddess of the woodland and forest, also known as Mielikki. This ancient finnish style of beer, called Sahti, is made with the berries and twigs from the Juniuper tree. Enjoy this experimental beer.