Mid-Week Beer Tasting

BDC Tasting Notes

This week saw a blind tasting of the beers from Brasserie Du Comtat and Brasserie  La Moure Guette with a group of friends. We also threw in a few other interesting beers with unusual ingredients. The almost unanimous verdict was that the two best beers were the summer beer with elderflower from La Moure Guette and my Diable en Rose IPA with pink peppercorns. As we reached the end of the tasting and we thought that our taste buds were dead, we were all  surprised when 3 out of 5 around the table successfully identified the last beer as the popular Belgian beer ‘Leffe’. Not all the beers were to our liking and there were some interesting words used to describe what we were tasting … “Burnt – Hot! Hot! Hot!”, “Sherbert Dip”, “Soapy”, “Meh!”, but in general the majority of the craft beers were received favourably.

A big thank you to Amandine, Anton, Emma and Jo for a fun evening.

I look forward to another tasting soon and hope that Florian Bellet from Brasserie La Moure Guette will be able to join us next time. If you are in Orange go and try his beers.


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