About Us

Brasserie du Comtat is a micro-brewery, based in the heart of the Comtat of Venaisson, in Provence, France.

Our brewery was commercialised in April 2017 after a request from a number of friends and acquaintances to buy our traditionally crafted beer. Having brewed beer in small batches for the past 25 years, it seemed to be a possibility, so we looked into the paperwork for setting up a legal brewery in the south of France. Although it took a little time, it turned out to be less arduous than we had imagined, and after a few months of delay, we were given the go ahead to start selling our beer.

When we started producing beer for general sales, we called it a research brewery, because we established ourselves with the idea that we would test the market with our beer, and tweak our recipes to match local tastes if needed, and make a decision on whether to set up a full blown micro-brewery if our beers won favour, however , after just 2 months into the sale of our beer, we realised that we could not keep up with the demand, and would need to grow in size to furnish the demand. Without any marketing, we found that word of mouth is very powerful in this sector, and we tried to ensure that we could supply our initial customers before expanding production and developing our clientele.

Less than 1 year from our initial commercialisation we expanded to a 500l per day craft brewery with our production workshop in the heart of the village of Malemort-Du-Comtat. We have created a customised brewery system with components from many different providers.

We have a standard range of 7 beers, ranging from a light and easy to drink 'pils-style' to a dark and creamy stout. Our full range of beers appears on the 'our beers' page. We also produce a number of personalised beers for other businesses who want to provide their customers with home-branded beers.

Our brewery also has a small boutique attached where you can buy direct and also taste some of our creations.

We hope you get chance to visit and try our beers of the world with a taste of Provence.





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