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Craft Brewery

At our Malemort-Du-Comtat workshop we make small batch craft beers for all tastes. From light and very drinkable ‘pils’ style ales, through blonde, amber, and brown ales to rich and velvety stouts. We have a range of 7 beers that we regularly produce and sell through shops, restaurants and bars. Our beers can be bought in bottles or 20 litre kegs for parties and events.

Direct Sales and Tasting

attached to our workshop in Malemort-Du-Comtat is our small boutique for direct sales and tasting. Unfortunately we are not open all the time but we are happy to arrange a time and we are usually open on Thursday and Friday evenings if you would like to try a beer or two. As well as selling bottled beers we also sell keg beer for bars and restaurants and we are happy to lend out our beer machines for a weekend event if you purchase a couple of kegs.

Personalised labels and beers

Whilst we have a range of regularly produced beers, we also produce beers with personalised labels and even personalised flavours on request. Whether it is for a private party / celebration (I made a special beer just for our wedding guests) or for a restaurant or bar, we are happy to discuss your requirements. Choose from our list of beers and provide artwork for a personalised label or come up with an idea for a beer just for you.



What beers do we brew?

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New beers in stock for Spring

After many requests, Le Templier (white beer with Thyme and Lemon) is now back in production. A refreshing beer, perfect for spring and summer here in Provence. We have also […]

You can now buy our beer in the Alps

You can now buy our beer at 3 local markets in the Hautes Alpes region. Thanks to market stall owner, Théophile Grillot, we now sell our beers on his market […]

Our full range in one package

Today we took delivery of our new packaging. You can now buy all 7 beers in a display box, or you can take 3 beers in an easy to use […]

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